Power Bank Solo

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  • Large capacity.
  • High-quality metal outer case.
  • Speedy quick charging. L
  • Long lasting
  • 1.Large capacity. 2.High-quality metal outer case. 3.Speedy quick charging. 6.Longlasting.
  • 1.Recharge the power bank by connecting the Micro USB connector with the input port. 2.Output the power by connecting the USB connector with the output port.
  • 1.Do not use corrosive detergents for cleaning. 2.Do not heat it. Keep away form fire source such as cooking stove. 3.Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a long time. 4.Do not discard into fire to avoid explosion. 5.Do not disassemble or modify it by yourself. It contains no repairing components.

4 reviews for Power Bank Solo

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